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2 min readOct 24, 2021


Today we would like to inform you that our main net blockchain is now stable. Thus, we want to raise capital making PQD on the exchange. You can buy it here

What is Phu Quoc Dog

Decentralized social network and NFT platform for pets. Where you can share photos and videos of your pet’s life, rescue puppies, adopt a pet, find pet friendly places and take advantage of our useful pet services. Join the moon mission.

Phu Quoc Dog is a Substrate-based. Phu Quoc Dog is committed to providing easy-to-use blockchain infrastructure and creating a one-stop comprehensive infrastructure platform, which aims to reduce the threshold and cost for developers, while bringing them great returns.

PQD is a real token used to run ads on pet social networking platforms as well as exchanges related to shopping for pet products and services.

PQD is the native token of the Phu Quoc Dog network in a similar way that BTC is the native token of Bitcoin or Ether is the native token of the Ethereum blockchain.

The smallest unit of account in a Substrate network is the Planck (a reference to , the smallest possible distance in the physical Universe). You can compare the Planck to Satoshis or Wei, while the PQD is like a bitcoin or an ether. Phu Quoc Doge mainnet is equal to 1e10 Planck.

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Future Plans

Our first goal is still to develop a pet social network on a private blockchain platform. It will then integrate the NFT feature for each owner’s animal to be unique on the blockchain network.

And finally, we will consider integrating Defi arrays, integrating support for smart contracts from Ethereum’s ERC20 or Binace’s BEP20 platforms that can run on our blockchain.

We know it will take a long time to complete the above ideas, hope you and investors will join us on this path.

Thank you!

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Phu Quoc Dog

Decentralized dogs social network, it is the best social network for pets, where you can share photos and videos of your pet’s life, rescue puppies.