What is Phu Quoc Dog

Decentralized dogs social network, it is the best social network for pets, where you can share photos and videos of your pet’s life, rescue puppies, adopt a pet, find pet friendly places and take advantage of our useful pet services. Join the moon mission. 🐶

How did we start this Phu Quoc Dog?

The first idea of the Phu Quoc Dog came from my own dog “Dog“, my sister and I created the website to share photos and videos of Dog. We were actually shocked to find out there are many other pet owners and pet lovers visited our website. That is why we decided to do something about it and attract more pet lovers by adding some features to the website.

This way many other people, whether they have pets or they don’t, could enjoy watching the photos, like them and or comment on the pictures.

What features did we add?

The Pet-owners can now share all about their little fellas! They can:

  • Share stories,
  • Share their pet’s blogs,
  • Create albums of their favorite pets, and
  • Upload videos
  • Earnings token $PQD
  • Running ads on app with token $PQD
  • NFT platform
  • Pets devices

At the moment We are also able to identify your dog’s breed and the breed’s unique characteristics. We will add these features for kittens and other pets very soon.

Our token $PQD

Phu Quoc Dog is a Substrate-based. Phu Quoc Dog is committed to providing easy-to-use blockchain infrastructure and creating a one-stop comprehensive infrastructure platform, which aims to reduce the threshold and cost for developers, while bringing them great returns.

PQD is a real token used to run ads on pet social networking platforms as well as exchanges related to shopping for pet products and services.

PQD is the native token of the Phu Quoc Dog network in a similar way that BTC is the native token of Bitcoin or Ether is the native token of the Ethereum blockchain.

The smallest unit of account in a Substrate network is the Planck (a reference to Planck Length, the smallest possible distance in the physical Universe). You can compare the Planck to Satoshis or Wei, while the PQD is like a bitcoin or an ether. Phu Quoc Dog mainnet is equal to 1e10 Planck

Why should I use Phu Quoc Dog

Phu Quoc Dog is very easy to use and work with. If you know how to work with Instagram, you surely know how to work with Phu Quoc Dog. As you may have seen some similarities between instagram and Phu Quoc Dog, It works just like Instagram, It allows users to share photos and videos of their puppies, cute kittens, ferrets, birds, horses, rabbits and more.

You can have fast access to lots and lots of pet photos and get to know their owners and exchange information. If your puppy feels bored or not up recently, you can ask other pet owners to give you tips and teach you how to excite him.

Unlike other pet websites, Phu Quoc Dog is not restricted to only dogs or only cats. No matter what animal you keep as a pet, he is always welcome here. You can share the photo of even your reptile pet. All animals are welcome.

Here’s how to join us. You can register on Phu Quoc Dog and create a profile for your pet and get to know many other pet-lovers and pet-owners and exchange information of how to keep your pet safe and sound
Souvenir photography and Video

one of the other features we have here is Souvenir Photography and Video. No hard feelings if you do not have pet photography skills, we have provided services for pet photography and some tips and tricks to take more professional photos. If you are interested in knowing these skills, just send through an e-mail to this address: hello@phuquocdoge.com

We will contact you as soon as possible.

If you have you pet’s video on another video platforms I am happy to say we support all video platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo, Google and others, so what you need to do is to just send the url of your pets video, and we will upload it here the second we receive it.

Why do you need a pet?

Before getting to scientific stuff about the benefits of pets on your mental, physical and social health I would like to talk about my own feelings and experiences before and after having Phu Quoc Dog in my life.

If you do have a pet you already know the great amount of joy you receive of a little creature who is not able to talk like you, but has the same feelings that you have! Before Phu Quoc Dog almost everything was going on pretty well in my life, or so I thought. Everything got a whole lot better for me and my sister after we got Phu Quoc Dog.

Here’s a sweet memory of my Dog and I.

I am a freelancer and I work from home most of the times, that way I share most of my free time with my family and my Dog. He is very accustomed to seeing me around all the time.

I remember once I got a job for which I had to be away of the house for a month, so I when I started packing, my dog’s being the smarty pants that he is, sensed it and kept walking around me and moaning, making cute sad faces, it was the first time I saw my dog acting like that and being so upset. I couldn’t see him in that situation, so I canceled the job and stayed home.

I gotta tell you, dogs understand anything that is happening around you. I saw the sadness in my dog’s eyes so I stayed home. I never regret losing the job, on the other hand I felt so happy with myself, because I made my dog happy.

You might ask what benefits and advantages a pet would have on your life, so here’s an article on the benefits of keeping a pet.

Benefits of owning a pet

For some people, the idea of having a dog or cat into their home seems like an incredible amount of responsibility and obligation they would rather avoid. But for devoted pet owners, their furry friends are beloved members of the family that they share a relationship which is beneficial for both of them.

If you do like pets or don’t, if you have any or are thinking about getting any, you need to know the many benefits of owning a pet. If you don’t want to take the plunge, these facts may convince you. And if you’re a longtime pet parent, they’ll serve as a welcome reminder as to how your little fur ball has improved your life.

These little friends of human have benefits for all. Here I collected some of the advantages for the older people and for kids.

Benefits for the elderly

Having a pet is highly recommended for the elderly, as they have many benefits for them, among all the benefits I might say having a pet as a companion and the responsibility it brings with itself is the most important advantage of pets for the elderly.

Research has also showed that pets help reduce anxiety and aggression in people with Alzheimers’s disease.

Why is keeping pets advised for your ageing parent?

It is mostly about the needs of a pet. You know that your pet needs a lot of walking, feeding, watering, grooming and playing with and that’s why they encourage lots of playing and petting.

These activities require some action from the owners. Even though trivial, any activity can benefit the cardiovascular system, and doing this consistently is like kind of exercise which can help keep pet owners on a regular workout schedule.

Pets help the elderly by having physical contact with them.

  • Many older people do not receive enough physical contact and renewing this through a pet is a great way.
  • The results from many studies show that when older people pet animals, their blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature decrease.

Pets are very good companions

  • They act as a supporting friend for older people who don’t have any family, or close friends nearby. Also many of the dogs are trained to help the elderly or the blind.

Pets work as a shield against social anxiety and isolation

  • The elderly may have trouble leaving home, so they don’t have a chance to see many people. Pets give them a chance to be more social and interact with other people. This can help reduce depression, which is one of the most common problems that a person may have at the older age.
  • Pets give older people a sense of purpose, a reason to get up in the morning.

Benefits for Kids

According to many scientists pets have many effects on children. And children gain various skills growing up with pets. Here are some of the pets’ effects on human child.

A pet can teach empathy

  • Caring for a pet that is so dependent on you teaches empathy. Your child learns to read your pet’s needs: is he hungry? Does he need to go outside? Maybe the pet is scared of the wind, rain or snow and needs to be comforted. Moreover, empathy is the one skill that can be taught and a skill that bullies often lack.

A Pet decreases allergies

  • Research shows that children who grow up with pets have a much stronger immune system and they are less likely to develop childhood allergies and asthma.
  • A research found an antibody in the immune system of the children who grew up with pets that helps fight off infection. Results showed that the body of children with a pet was able to fight against infection such as colds and flu better than those children without pets.

It increases responsibility in kids

  • As we said the daily routine a pet has help the elderly have a daily based exercise. It also benefits children; tasks such as walking the dog or cleaning out the rabbit hutch teaches children to be responsible, as well as giving them a sense of achievement.
  • Looking after a pet also helps children to develop a sense of empathy for others.

It lowers blood pressure

  • Stroking and petting animals can lower blood pressure and also decrease anxiety, thus having a pet can help prepare kids when it comes to tackling homework and exams.

Kids can help children make more friends.

  • How many times have you passed by a pet owner with his cute little fluffy friend and wanted to cuddle the pet? Well it is a scientific fact that people with pets tend to attract other people to start a conversation with.
  • Pets have always been an interesting topic to discuss, the conversation might go on and on till you and your pet find a friend. That is why psychologists advise people with social anxiety or shyness to use the benefits of a pet which helps them to start interaction with other people.

It’s so much fun

  • Most importantly having a pet is fun. Whether it is a dog, cat, bird or ferret, owning an animal brings enjoyment to any household

Chat with us at https://t.me/phuquocdog



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Phu Quoc Dog

Decentralized dogs social network, it is the best social network for pets, where you can share photos and videos of your pet’s life, rescue puppies.